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    A.R.T. News — art

    Art Tees Rock now features renowned artist Rick Seguso's Apparel Collection

    Art Tees Rock now features renowned artist Rick Seguso's Apparel Collection


    Art Tees Rock has partnered with renowned Artist Rick Seguso, to present to you the Rick Seguso signature pieces apparel collection. See Rick Seguso Collection of paintings available for sale in online gallery  Website address: www.rickseguso.com

    Art Printed Apparel click HERE

    upcoming event at the Kings center Feb 27-March 26, 2017

    Rick Seguso and Bruce Springsteen 1975

    Rick segus and bruce Springsteen 1975

    Rick Seguso was born March 23, 1949 in  Bronxville, New York. From his earliest days, Rick was strongly influenced in the art world. His grandfather; Armand was the premier movie poster artist/illustrator of his day and for over thirty years painted for movie giants like United Artists, Paramount and MGM. He worked on many now-classic films including “Gone With The Wind”, “Kismet”, “The Philadelphia Story”, “For Whom The Bell Tolls”, and countless other well known films. His grandfather was also an accomplished musician, another link to Rick's present day life. States Mr. Seguso, “I spent many hours watching, listening and learning in my grandfather's studio. Right from the beginning I was stirred by the works of my grandfather who painted in the tradition of the “Old Masters”, a tradition and style I would always keep as the foundation for my work.”

     photo of artist rick seguso

    “I consider each painting with a clear construction and an emphasis on descriptive details always remaining inspired by the Old Masters and influenced by the Post-Impressionists.” Every piece Mr. Seguso does is under-painted, sometimes in a single Grisaille and sometimes more. Most of his work has a certain degree of glazing (a technique that is too often overlooked by modern day artists but is a valuable tool in creating jewel-like depth, color and style that's impossible to achieve by just mixing paint). Some of his pieces are almost entirely glazed.

        Seguso, with confident and authoritative brushwork emphasizes the figure with a particular expressiveness of character in bold and realistic portraits.  This style is easily seen in his “Musician Series”.  In the mid 1970's Mr. Seguso was the Road Manager for the rock and roll star, Bruce Springsteen.  Rick is also a fine singer/songwriter himself and it's his obvious love of music that has also found expression on the canvas. His admiration for classic tradition, strong romantic inspiration and the importance of virtue and symbolism can also be seen in his bold florals and landscape.

         An artist/songwriter/poet most of his life Seguso is also a card carrying member of the Screen Actor's Guild and has worked in many theatrical productions, movie and TV programs. It's both amazing and inspiring that despite surviving a serious bout of throat cancer in 2000 Seguso still remains undeterred and continues to perform publicly.

    Mr. Seguso works in oils and is in national and international collections as well as having shown in leading galleries garnering awards and critical recognition.


    Sample photos of Printed T-Shirts


    See Blues at Sunrise in Gallery HERE

                Blues at Sunrise T-Shirtblues at sunrise, t-shirt                                         Artwork by Rick Seguso                                       



    See Bob Marley in Gallery HERE

    Bob Marley T-Shirtbob marley t shirtArtwork by Rick Seguso



    See Gypsy Vanners in Gallery HERE

     Gypsy Vanners T-Shirtgypsy vanners-t-shirtArtwork by Rick Seguso

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