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    Rick Seguso

    Rick Seguso
    Rick Seguso was born March 23, 1949 in  Bronxville, New York. From his earliest days, Rick was strongly influenced in the art world. His grandfather; Armand was the premier movie poster artist/illustrator of his day and for over thirty years painted for movie giants like United Artists, Paramount and MGM. He worked on many now-classic films including “Gone With The Wind”, “Kismet”, “The Philadelphia Story”, “For Whom The Bell Tolls”, and countless other well known films. His grandfather was also an accomplished musician, another link to Rick's present day life. States Mr. Seguso, “I spent many hours watching, listening and learning in my grandfather's studio. Right from the beginning I was stirred by the works of my grandfather who painted in the tradition of the “Old Masters”, a tradition and style I would always keep as the foundation for my work.”


    for complete Bio visit: www.rickseguso.com

    Bio source : www.rickseguso.com/bio.htm